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Come Dance With Us!!

Posted by TBD TBD
Posted on 14 May, 2014 at 8:23 pm

Come dance with us at Just For Kix in North Liberty!! Here's a few reasons: 1. *We're affordable!* With just an easy monthly payment of either $31 for Preschool or $34 for K-12 dancers, it makes everyone happy! Half year and Full year payments are available as well! 2. *We use our uniforms for 2 years!* No other dance studio in the area keeps their uniforms for more than a year. Having your dancer use their uniform for more than one year not only saves you money, but it makes the uniform more memorable! We also have used uniforms available for purchase. With over 200 programs in the nation, there are plenty of still good, usable uniforms and pieces waiting to be worn again. *Uniforms this year are on their 1st year. Wee Kix (2nd-3rd Grade) is a 2nd year uniform* 3. *We perform 3-5 times a year!* Most studios in the area only have one performance for their dancers with only one song per class. At JFK we teach our classes at least 3-4 different dances throu Continue

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