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YOUR GYM. OUR INCREDIBLE STAFF. The Just For Kix Private Camp has become an affordable, central educational component for many high school dance teams’ training. Some coaches use it as an alternative to team camps, or as an addition to their program. Further, many teams go to team camp AND host a private camp. It can assist in jumpstarting a team’s season and provides the customized, one-on-one training to help get dancers to the next level. We bring you the experts that are at the pulse of the competitive dance landscape to the familiarity of your gym! Our instructor to student ratio is excellent - we understand the value of an overall private camp experience where every dancer is engaged.
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What Does Our Private Camp Feature
We’ve sculpted an incredibly efficient and enjoyable private camp offering. For those teams that turn to us year after year, new materials, strategies and curriculum are created as needed to continue and further the team’s results. 

Here’s a sampling of what’s included when you work with Just For Kix.
Personalized Curriculum
Our private camps typically range from 1-4 day based on the coach’s recommendation. Our private camp curriculum is 100% customizable to meet your team’s needs!
Technique Training
We love private camps because it gives our instructors the opportunity to really break down technique and work 1-on-1 with dancers to instantly improve their quality of dancing.
Proper Flexibility & Strength Drills
Dancers and coaches will learn new strength & flexibility drills to utilize throughout their season to keep dancers in their peak condition.
Staff Like No Other
Our camp staff are selected from the best of the best, who have the technical know how, the proven methods and inspiration needed to motivate and help your team achieve!
Routine Evaluation
If desired, our staff can evaluate current competition routines to help clean and perfect in order to take your team to the next level!
Team Bonding & Motivational Activities
Get the most out of your camp experience by adding in team bonding activities and other classes to keep your team motivated and inspired.
Usable Choreography
Teams will learn full-length routines complete with formation changes and visually intriguing choreography that is performance ready! 
Final Day Show & Individual Awards
On the last day of camp, teams have the option to have a mini show for family and friends to show off everything they’ve learned! 
We help you achieve YOUR goals
Every team is unique. Therefore, Just For Kix provides the options needed to make sure a team is benefiting and specifically addressing their individual needs and goals. Our offerings are wide and varied and include:
  • 1 - 4 day or weekly private summer camps  
  • Individual and small group lessons
  • 9 week fall programs
  • Consulting for coaches and/or officers 
  • Conditioning and plyometric programs
  • Custom choreography
  • Your entire team will learn the same material making you prepared for the season.
  • Private camps are held in the comfort and convenience of your own school—allowing you to stay home and save money.
  • You choose which dates you want to hold camp.
  • Dancers are given a solid foundation from a curriculum designed especially for your teams’ needs.
  • The whole team improves collectively, not just individuals who go off to camps or conventions.
  • The whole team is taught the same technique, style, and choreography.
  • Receive an evaluation of a team dance or a critique of a DVD. (optional)
  • Excellent instructor-to-student ratio.
  • Skills and choreography are taught based on the Just For Kix Curriculum. instructor-to-student ratio.
  • Team-building activities available.
  • Awards and individual recognition. (optional)
  • CUSTOM choreography available by request. (additional charge)
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Get Started
Pricing for each team is based on the number of dancers, number of days and any travel required for each camp. Our rates are affordable and competitive. Our curriculum is second to none.

We believe in research. We believe in consulting with the best dance instructors, dance medicine specialists, physical therapists, nutritionists and fitness trainers. Our curriculum is relevant and effective and provided in a usable format for your team.

Our registration process is as easy as:
  1. Fill out our online Camp Quote form to let us know more about your team and your goals
  2. We will contact you. We will provide one-on-one consultation with Director Annie Lindberg or another Just For Kix representative to determine which parts of the Just For Kix curriculum will best assist your team.
  3. You’ll then be matched up with our staff and we’ll create a plan specifically for your team's need.
For Coaches

Fill out our online submission form at any time throughout the year to discuss the type of workshop your group would like to set up. If your team is looking to set up a summer camp, please contact us about mid-way into your competitive season in order to secure dates for your summer camp.

Schedule your camp dates any time after January 1. Once the date is finalized, announce this date to your team and begin collecting camp payments. You will then set up your camp curriculum consultation with Annie Lindberg.

Schedule of Payments & Information
  1. 4 Weeks Prior to Camp: Mail 50% deposit to hold date & secure camp facilities. Distribute medical release forms to your dancers. Click Here to download our Medical Release Waiver.
  2. 2 Weeks Prior to Camp: e-mail finalized camp roster to schubert@justforkix.com, collect Medical Release Forms and final payments from participants.
  3. First Day of Camp: turn in any final payments/outstanding balances and medical release forms to the head instructor at your camp. Click here to download medical and release waiver. annie.lindberg@justforkix.com
Host School Responsibilities

Staff airfare or mileage. We try many tricks to get the lowest airfare possible and work hard to keep your expenses reasonable. Lodging: We love our staff to be housed in quality hotels. Lunch for the staff. * Please note that staff travel and lodging expenses can be worked into the price for camp, per dancer or be billed separately. Please indicate which you prefer when filling out our camp submission form. TIP: Consider inviting a neighboring school to share the camp to defray these expenses or book in the days prior or after your neighboring school event and you can split the travel costs.
Camp Quote Form.
Need Assistance?
Contact Annie! Annie Lindberg will initially work with you to register! She’s friendly, fabulous and will work with you to make sure the registration process is hassle free!

Call or E-mail Annie Today at: