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Dance Talk

Our dance season never ends. Learn dance tips from the best.

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How to improve Your Back Flexibility Just For Kix

Find Annie’s Under Armour Dance Locker Tee at Grab a blanket or a mat! Go into a bridge! There are two ways.

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How To Do a Surprise Leap Just For Kix

Three Power Pockets: Knees, hips, ankles. All of your power is stored here to do your leaps. Make sure you have a strong plie. Do a two-step run to the side and turn to leap to the front.

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How to Improve Your Middle Splits Just For Kix

Start in a straddle. Feet are pointed. Legs are turned out, knees facing the ceiling. Stretch to each side. Lean forward and keep legs turned out. Reach as far as you can toward the front.

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Studio Owner Success Tips

DANCE STUDIO OWNERS CUSTOMER SERVICE TIPSBy: Cindy Clough - President of Just For KixDo your dancers and parents feel like they are special to you?  Your goal is to make every dancer feel valued.


How To improve Your Splits Just For Kix

Flexibility is key when it comes to being a great dancer! Improve your splits with these great tips:Make sure your hips and toes are facing the wall. Have one hand on each side of your body.

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How To Do an Illusion Just For Kix

Have your splits and needles (six o’clock) is great to have perfected before doing your illusion.Step onto your right foot.

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Improve Your Toe Touch Just For Kix

Like Annie’s warm up jacket? Customize your team’s gear with MoveU. Go to to check out all the great custom teamwear options!

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