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Capezio Jr. Footlight T-Strap


Bloch Split Flex Character Shoe

$21.81 Off

Capezio 1 1/2" Heel Flex Character Shoe

$53.18 Orig. $74.99

Character dance shoes, an indispensable tool of performance dancers everywhere. With a good pair of these, you can tackle just about any audition or routine you want with the confidence that you'll be able to endure the rigors of a long session.

Character shoes are built specifically with the wooden stage in mind. They're versatile: if you snag a pair of character dance shoes with a good heel, you can add a solid metal plate beneath the ball and heel to create a pair of taps. The durable leather uppers and soles work wonders on a smooth wooden surface (though, not so well anywhere else). They are also preferable to other kinds of footwear you might don during a trip to an audition, which might not look as professional or convey the same can-do look (there's nothing quite like the look of Capezio character shoes when you're about to have your big moment!)

Speaking of Capezios, they're a prime option for beginner dancers or anyone else looking for an affordable character shoe option. They have a classic look that easily blends with almost any outfit, providing elegance with plenty of flexibility. We make sure to carry the standard variety and t-strap dance shoes to provide you with the maximum amount of choice.

For your choreographed dance needs, a pair of character shoes will work like no other. They're especially useful in situations where custom footwear for a performance just isn't a possibility. Make sure you get the best character dance shoes you can possibly find by browsing our selection and finding the pair that speaks to you.


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