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VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Lipstix Xtreme

Yofi Lipstix Xtreme


Long lasting lipstick that is truly long last. This long lasting performance lipstick will stay on all day through multiple performances.

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Glitterzz

Yofi Glitterzz


Best cosmetic grade glitter available. Dust on for eye shimmer or use eye glitter for a dramatic look. Try using glitter with Eye Glue Xtreme. TIP: If you are using Eye Glue Xtreme, brush on a very thin layer of the glue and pat (don't brush) the glitter on top using The Sparkle Brush. Do one eye at a time. Colors: Disco Mania (silver), Dish Towel (red), Glitzy Ditzy (gold), In The Pink, Low Maintenance (purplish), Outta Control(green) or Royal Crush.

VIEW PRODUCT Winkable Eyelashes

Winkable Eyelashes


Attention grabbing Winkable false eyelashes are a thick and natural looking. Great for dance, cheer or performance. Lash glue included.


Yofi Eye Glue


The Eye Glue is a base makeup sealer for all Yofi eye makeup products. The glue will keepyour makeup looking great all day and is the ideal glitter glue forholding on loose glitter.

VIEW PRODUCT My Dance Makeup Bag Large

My Dance Makeup Bag Large


My dance makeup bags are perfect for your dancer's makeup. Dance makeup bag measures approx. 9.5" x 4" x 5". Features a zipper closure.

VIEW PRODUCT Cleo Eyelashes

Cleo Eyelashes


Big and bold bat-like false eyelashes are perfect for dance, cheer or on stage. Cleo false eyelashes can be worn multiple times with proper care. Lash glue included.

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive

Yofi Stick It Body Adhesive


Stick It is a roll on body adhesive for clothing, costume, uniform or accessories. Stick It is designed for dress straps, leotards, nylon, shoulder andcleavageareas or any accessory that needs to stick. Just roll on and stick.

VIEW PRODUCT My Dance Makeup Bag Small

My Dance Makeup Bag Small


The perfect bag for all your dance makeup. Dance makeup bags feature a zipper closure and measure approx. 8" x 3" x 4".

VIEW PRODUCT Stargazer Eyelashes

Stargazer Eyelashes


Dramatic Stargazer false eyelashes will give you a long and whimsical look. Lash glue included.


Dual End Brush


The sparkle brush is perfectly designed for applying over The Eye Glue Xtreme. The fluff end gathers and holds the glitter then releases it onto the glue with a gentle pat. The angle end is actually Teflon (as all great angle brushes are) and is perfect for creating fine lines or designs.

VIEW PRODUCT Belle Eyelashes

Belle Eyelashes


Belle mini false eyelashes are made for the younger dancer. Use under false eyelashes for an extreme on stage false eyelash look. Includes lash glue.

VIEW PRODUCT Rhinestone Glue

Rhinestone Glue


Yofi. Use for face, body and clothing with Yofi's rhinestones.


Smoky Eye Kits


Classic grey and dark brown smoky eyes kits. Kit includes: three eye shadow palette, blush, long last lipstick, Sparklettes, eye glue, black felt tip eyeliner and dual end eye brush by Yofi Cosmetics.

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Metallic Shimmer

Yofi Metallic Shimmer


Yofi's Metallic shimmers bring the metallic look to life. For an increased liquid metal look combine with The Sealer. 7 grams. If a realistic metallic look is what you're looking for, then this is the product for you. Colors: Tin Man or Gold Digger.

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Stencils

Yofi Stencils


Great for cheer or dance! Stencils are perfect for cheek or by the eye design. Measure approximately 1"x1".
Designs: paw print, lightning bolt, and star.

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi Metallic Paints

Yofi Metallic Paints


This high tech eye shadow goes on easy with a damp brush and appears like a liquid metal cream. Once it dires color holds all day!

VIEW PRODUCT Yofi The Glitter Spray

Yofi The Glitter Spray


Add sparkle to your performance with Yofi glitter spray for hair, body, costume or uniform. This non-aerosol glitter spray has the ultimate sparkle for any stage performance and a light non-sticky finish.

VIEW PRODUCT Ariel Eyelashes

Ariel Eyelashes


False eyelashes made in mind for the younger dancer. Ariel eyelashes are a smaller version of the whimsical eyelash Stargazer. Lash glue included.

VIEW PRODUCT Frosting Eyelashes

Frosting Eyelashes


Frosting false eyelashes are perfect for a bold sparkle look. Rhinestones adorn the top of the lash. False eyelashes are great for dance, cheer or on stage. Lash glue included.

Related Categories:  Glitter | Sparklettes | Y-22 | Yofi