General Class Information:

*Classes are held at the JFK Studio at 129 E. Locust Street DeKalb (Across from the Confectionary)

*Classes Start September 1st (Tue), Sept 2nd (Wed) Sept 3rd (Thur), and 7th (Mon) 2015 and go through May.


Registration: Open to all new & returning dancers! Classes can reach capacity!

It is never too late to register however classes do fill quickly! Visit to register online today!! Call or E-mail Miss. April with questions! 815-739-6644 or



30 Minute Classes- $29.00/ Mo

45-60 Minute Classes- $31.00/ mo

2015-2016 Class Schedule is as follows:

           ** You must be enrolled in a Kick class to enroll in either Lyrical or Jazz!    

Class Name/Style

Day of Class Age of Class Time Instructor Cost Per Month Uniform Name Availability

Tiny Kix 1/Core

Monday 3-5 yrs 5:30-6:00 April $29 Pink Parade  
Tiny Kix 2/ Core Wednesday 3-5 yrs 4:15-4:45 Hannah $29 Rumba  
TIny Kix 3/ Core Thursday 3-5 yrs 4:30-5:00 April $29 Tatiana  
Petite Mon/ Core Monday K-1 4:45-5:30  April $31 Bolero Charm  
Petite Wed/ Core Wednesday K-1 5:45-6:30 Hannah $31 Tuxedo Twist  
Petite Thur/Core Thursday K-1 5:00-5:45  April $31 Material Girl  
Wee Kix Tue/ Core Tuesday 2-3 5:00-6:00 April $31 Musicology 9 Spots Left
Wee Kix Wed/ Core Wednesday 2-3 4:45-5:45 Hannah $31 Park Avenue  
Mini Kix Tue/ Core Tuesday 4-5 6:45-7:45 April $31 I've Got Spirit 5 Spots Left
Mini Kix Wed/ Core Wednesday 4-5 6:45-7:45 Hannah $31 End of Time  
Middle Kix Mon/ Core Monday 6-7 6:00-7:00 April $31 Red Peplum Party 3 Spots Left
Middle Kxi Wed/Core Wednesday 6-7 7:30-8:30 Hannah $31 Still Got It  
Junior Kix/Core Monday 8 7:45-8:45 April $31 Heads Will Roll  
Senior Kix/ Core Thursday 9-12 6:45-7:45 April $31 Allure  
Mini Jazz/Jazz Tuesday 3-5 6:00-6:45 April $31 Blue Sude Shoes 6 Spots left

Junior Jazz/ Jazz

Monday 6-8 7:00-7:45 April $31 Royal T 7 Spots Left
Senior Jazz/Jazz Thursday 9-12 7;45-8:30 April $31 Grace  
Mini Lyrical Thursday 4-6 5:45-6:45 April $31 Breathe Me 3 Spots Left
Middle Lyrical Tuesday 7-12 7:45-8:45 April $31 Breathe Me 8 spots Left

Pease see Uniform PDF to see breakdown of Uniform pricing under "Forms & Downloads!



  • You can make 8 monthly payments, 2 half-year payments, or 1 full-year payment.
  • If paying half or full-year; you will be given a $1 discount per month. 
  • Siblings receive a $1 discount per month for classes of the same style. 
  • Payments are due on the 1st of every month.
  • Monthly class payments must be mailed directly to the home office:  PO Box 724, Brainerd, MN 56401

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