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    What is TWD?

    Dear Parents, Dancers and Fans,

    We welcome you to another exciting season of JUST FOR KIX Competitions. The name TWD was created with the thought that competition promotes striving for excellence. By pulling together, we all become stronger. It is an event where we can showcase how hard all the dancers and directors have been working. It is important to remember that DOING YOUR BEST IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING THE BEST!! Let’s join together in praise of all the teams.

    It is our goal to have a quality event that runs on time and provides a large scale performance venue, allowing great exposure for our dancers. Thanks for being a part of this competition!


    With Kix,
    Cindy and Steve Clough, Founders

    Category Groupings:

    In categories where we have a large number of teams, we group teams by their average grade, and then by team size. This puts one more level into the grouping – alleviating teams of all 5th grade from competing against teams of all 4th grade. Our goal is always to make the playing field more level. Sub-categories (1A, 2A, 3A) are determined based on the teams sizes that the Just For KIx Director provides. Numbers may change from their original registration, but we group based on registration numbers submitted.

    Get ready for the upcoming TWD with your Bleacher Creature moves!

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    Admission Price: $6.00 Adults/ $3.00 Students

    Click on your TWD City for the tentative schedule, it will be posted at least 1 week prior to your event.


    City Day Date Location Doors Open   Viewing Directions
    Sauk Rapids, MN #1 Sunday January 25th Sauk Rapids/Rice High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Eastview - Apple Valley, MN Saturday-Sunday February 28th-March 1st Eastview High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Streator, IL Saturday March 7th Streator High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Apple Valley, MN Sunday March 8th Apple Valley High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Decorah, IA Saturday March 14th Regents Center at Luther College TBD   TBD Click here
    Grand Island, NE Saturday March 14th Grand Island Senior High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Wahpeton, ND Saturday March 14th NDSCS Blikre Activity Center TBD   TBD Click here
    Brainerd, MN Saturday March 21st Brainerd High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Valley City, ND Saturday March 28th Valley City High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Sauk Rapids, MN #2 Satuday March 28th Sauk Rapids/Rice High School TBD   TBD Click here
    Rochester, MN Friday April 10th RCTC - Field House TBD   1-Sided Click here
    Rochester, MN Saturday April 11th RCTC - Field HouseAuxiliary TBD   1-Sided Click here
    Rochester, MN Sunday April 12th RCTC - Field HouseAuxiliary TBD   1-Sided Click here
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    Sauk Rapids #1

    Apple Valley #1

    Streator (unavailable)

    Apple Valley #2


    Grand Island (unavailable)



    Valley City

    Sauk Rapids #2



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    Admission Prices

    $6.00 Adults/ $3.00 Students

    Why is there a charge for TWD?

    The expense to run an all day event like this one are many; rent charges for the facility, clean up charges,payroll/mileage for judges & tabulators, payroll for all of the workers you see today as well as room & board for the trip to the event, hiring an announcer & sound equipment,videographers & video equipment so instructors & dancers receive feedback on their performances, liability insurance that is needed just to rent a facility like this one, ribbons, informational mailing to all the dancers & coaches, food for the coaches, judges & staff that spend their entire day at this event, plaques & numerous hours spent by the home office staff organizing & facfilitating this event. Thanks again for participating.

    Why isn't this covered in my monthly class fees?

    Your monthly classes fees are set to cover the weekly class instruction only. In the past we have considered raising the registration fee to $40-$50 & then all the competition fees, etc would be included, but we have felt the fairest & most economical option for parents is to only charge dancers & parents for those things they participate in. Whatever it is a prop, show admission or a TWD event like this one, you are only charged a minimal expense for the events in which you are participating. Many dance studios around the state charge $10-$15 to watch a show and a $25 competition entry fee, or more, per dancer/per routine. We strive hard to keep our rates reasonable and affordable in everything we do. We wish we could "give" this away, but if we did, we would quickly be out of busines

    Where do we sit?

    If the schedule indicates that team is performing away the sound table, you will want to sit in the bleachers opposite from the announcer (sound table). If the schedule indicates that the team is performing towards the sound table, you will want to sit sit in the bleachers behind the announcer (sound table).

    Are TWD competitions only for large Just For Kix programs?

    Our goal is to give as many dancers and programs the opportunity to perform and compete with other teams. Performing in front of different audiences is essential to the growth of a dancer and competetion teaches many great skills and lessons like teamwork and great sportsmanship!

    If a kick routine does not have more than 20 kicks will the judges take off points?

    There is no set number of kicks that a group needs to do. all Directors are given routines and choreography to choose from early on and may slightly modify routines to fit their own groups.

    Do teams with the glitziest costumes get extra points?

    There is no place on the judging sheet to enter a score to give credit for the team's uniform. Criteria are based on kicks, skills/tech, executions and projection. Often the judges cannot even see the added glitz from their viewpoint.

    What are the judging criteria?

    There are four categories listed on the judging sheet that all come into play equally when judging. Errors are just one aspect of the criteria. The judges are trained in advance and it is explained that these teams do not hold try-outs for the kick classes, or for front row spots.They are not to judge necessarily on the performances of an individual dancer but rather the overall performance of the team.

    Where are the judges from?

    Just for kix takes the hiring of judges very seriously and selects judges from many different areas and from varied backgrounds for each event.

    Is there an advantage to having custom choreography?

    There is no place to judge choreography on the judging sheet. All Just For Kix instructors receive their choreography on DVD from Just For Kix and have the option to pick any routine they wish. It is just common for many Directors to like a particular routine or for kids to like a particular song. Judges have no knowledge of how current a routine may be.

    If a hair binder or shoe falls off a dancer is the team disqualified?

    Although from a coaching standpoint, this is a frustation at this level of competition this is not the end of the world for a team should a shoe or binder become dislodged.