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Related Categories:  Ts10
VIEW PRODUCT ToeSox Plie Half Toe

ToeSox Plie Half Toe


Dance inspired Plie has a perfectly positioned leather pad that provides superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning the metatarsal head during lands and releves. See you on the dance floor! Half toe design lets toes touch surface for a more barefoot experience. Five toe design allows toes to move and spread naturally. Partial patented grip provides superior foot placement. Fitted heel keeps sock in place to eliminate bunching and twisting. Made with organic cotton. Toe Sox is a great alternative to socks as these will last a lot longer than any other sock.

Fitting: Women: S (6-8), M(8.5-10.5), L (11-3) Men: S (5-7), M (7.5-9.5), L (10-12)

Related Categories:  Ts10