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VIEW PRODUCT High Kick Technique Routines

High Kick Technique Routines


Featuring Cindy Clough, Just for Kix Executive Director, Brainerd (MN) High School Dance Coach; Directed and choreographed half-time performances at the Freedom Bowl, Hall of Fame Bowl, Orange Bowl, Citrus Bowl and Outback Bowl. Get detailed the technique training, teaching tips, tricks and coaching wisdom you need to sharpen your performances! Noted dance instructor Cindy Clough brings more than 30 years of expertise to this DVD featuring technique, endurance, strength and flexibility for high kick dancing. TECHNIQUE & DRILLS When it comes to technique, attention to detail can separate your squad from the pack. Clough teaches and demonstrates how to tighten connections, and provides drills and tips for making your movements sharp, quick and in synch. Ten types of kicks are shown, from basic moves like the open kick and straight kick to more advanced moves like popping fans and the Just For Kix original Kixster Kick. Clough also shows common technique errors and things to look for

VIEW PRODUCT Dances & Quick Dances Volume 9

Dances & Quick Dances Volume 9


Exciting new dances to inspire your squad! Dances & Quick Dances, Vol. 9 features three original 8-8 count dances and four 4-8 count dances. Expert ACF instructors teach and perform each dance to counts so you can plug in your favorites music. They also perform each dance to original music from our newest CD, CHAMPCHEER & DANCE MIX, #1, so you can see how the dances look in performance setting. Each dance is shown from the front and back to make learning easier and more enjoyable. A great new DVD to get your season started. 47 minutes.

VIEW PRODUCT Vol. 2 Dances & Quick Dances

Vol. 2 Dances & Quick Dances


Learn with Saleem Habash,8X UCA National Championship Coach,former University of Kentucky Head Coach,Coach and choreographer of the Dunbar (KY) HS Cheer squad featured in "Cheerleader Nation" (Lifetime TV)New and original dances are taught and demonstrated from the front and the back including four 4:8 count dances and four 8:8 count dances that are perfect for routines, pep rallies, sidelines, pre-games and halftimes! The dances are performed to our newly produced CD, "ChampCheer & Dance Mix" (Volume 2), and taught with counts, making it easy to use your own music instead, if desired. Habash breaks down each dance into 8-count segments. This proven method of teaching makes learning quick and effective. Based on the popularity of Habash's previous Dances & Quick Dances DVD, this will be one of our all-time, best-selling DVDs ever.45 minutes.

Related Categories:  Dvd