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VIEW PRODUCT Dance Electric Lighted Wire

Dance Electric Lighted Wire


Light up your costume with Dance Electric lighted wire. Bright fluorescent colors: Pink, Orange and Blue. The wire is flexible and can be used to create designs in light. Luminescent 72" wire attaches to a low voltage power source. (DE301)

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VIEW PRODUCT Dance Electric Lighted Wire Component

Dance Electric Lighted Wire Component


The power supply for the Dance Electric lighted wire has 4 slots for attaching the wires. Two settings: solid and blinking. The pack requires 3-AAA batteries. There is also the option to power using a DC 6v adaptor (not included). The battery pack is 2" wide x 3" tall and .75" thick. Easy to use and convenient.

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VIEW PRODUCT Fishnet Dance Gloves

Fishnet Dance Gloves


Add a bold statement to your costume with these Fingerless Fishnet Dance Gloves. Wrist length. 3 bold colors to choose from. 

VIEW PRODUCT Alexandra Sequin Hand Gauntlets

Alexandra Sequin Hand Gauntlets


Bust a move with these fingerless sequin gloves. Polyester. 


Skater Socks


A great way to finish off an outfit. Wear for performance, to practice, to camp, or just out and about.

VIEW PRODUCT Dance Electric LED Fedora Hat

Dance Electric LED Fedora Hat


The LED sequin fedora hat is the hottest accessory that will light up the stage. These fedora hats are made with high intensity LED lights that will make you shine for your next performance. The LED lights have three light frequencies: rapidly blinking, blinking and slow blinking. The hat is a one size that fits most and is 58 cm or 7 1/4 inches.

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VIEW PRODUCT ToeSox Releve Half Toe

ToeSox Releve Half Toe


Dance inspired Releve's leather foot pad provides superior traction for turns and stops while cushioning the soles.  Toe Sox is a great alternative to socks as these will last a lot longer than any other sock.90% Organic Cotton, 8% Spandex, 2% Other Fiber with Leather. Fitting: Women S (6-8), M (8.5-10.5), L (11-3) Men: S (5-7), M (7.5-9.5), L (10-12)