VIEW PRODUCT Eurotard Cross Applique'

Eurotard Cross Applique'


Eurotard Shining Star Applique' can be placed on silk or polyester fabric. Size: 3.75" x 4.25"

VIEW PRODUCT Eurotard Coin Bracelet

Eurotard Coin Bracelet


Authentic and hand crafted, these Eurotard Coin Bracelet make a great accessory. Individually sold.

VIEW PRODUCT Eurotard Genie Top

Eurotard Genie Top


Eurotard's Genie Crop Top features a cross over front for a chic look. Cotton, Lycra. 

VIEW PRODUCT Eurotard Coin Hip Belt

Eurotard Coin Hip Belt


Dress up any basic with Eurotard's Coin Hip Belt

VIEW PRODUCT Eurotard Adult Footed Tight

Eurotard Adult Footed Tight


Eurotard footed tights feature: superior quality. Ultra soft microfiber. Manufactured with an Innovative Three-Dimensional (3D) Process. Seamless. Breathable Gusset. Remarkable elasticity - Retains Fit. Versatile - Can Be Worn As Low Waist. Long Lasting. Run and Snag Resistant. Woven Microfiber Waist Band Eliminates Visible Lines. No Irritating Elastic Waist Bands. Utmost Comfort, Fit and Performance.

VIEW PRODUCT Rhinestone Cross Applique'

Rhinestone Cross Applique'


Eurotard Rhinestone Cross Applique' can be placed on silk or polyester fabric. Size: 3" x 4.5"