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Adage Talaria


Talaria by Adage can be worn on stage or in practice. Full leather shoe with an elastic strap (not pre-sewn) for comfort. Features a leather turning pad and a 1" rubber heel for added stability. Sizing: YL (2-3), AS (4-5), AM (6), AL (7), AXL (8-9), AXXL (10)

VIEW PRODUCT Adage Half Sole

Adage Half Sole


Half Sole from Adage is perfect for practice or performance! Can be used for many styles of dance. Sleek design gives a barely there impression. The half sole covers the toes and has a leather pad on the bottom perfect for turns. Adult Sizes. Sizing: AS (4-5), AM (6-7), AL (8-9), AXL (10-10.5), and AXL (11-11.5) wide widths go up 1 size.

VIEW PRODUCT Adage The Turner

Adage The Turner


Looking for dance turners that will simultaneously complement your contemporary and jazz dance skills while providing enough flexibility for all-purpose routines? Look no further than The Turner from Adage. The concept is a simple one. The Turner offers superior control by leaving the back of the foot exposed, but still covers the toes. Unlike a half shoe, though, The Turner's elastic supports help to keep it in position and conform to just about any foot. The soft leather toe box provides a natural feel, and the well-constructed suede pad beneath the toe offers just the right amount of traction.

The sizing chart is simple and easy to follow. (Just remember wide feet should go up one size). The shoe is intended to be snug without being painful, and you'll get plenty of use out of this durable pair of footwear. Adage provides the classic colors you'll need to match The Turner with traditional dance outfits—black, flesh, and tan. All your standard leggings and leotards will match