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Harem Pants

A true trend comeback in dance and fashion, harem pant sit high on the waist, are baggy at the thighs and tapered down the legs. We are bringing you the last in harem looks. Give your performance a bold, playful edge. 

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Harem Pant Q & A

What style of dance goes with them?

They can be worn during a Hip-Hop routine. Hip-Hop styles have evolved into using more intricate movements, meaning the wardrobe, too, needs to be updated! Before a baggie sweat pant was the perfect choice for a hip-hop routine but now that the style has been transformed into smaller, tighter movements the dancers are wanting tighter fitting clothing. These harem pants are the perfect fit for a hip-hop dance. Tight in the ankles and knees but just baggie enough to not feel restricted while dancing!

What to wear with your Harem pants?

We suggest you pair your harem pants with a tight fitting top, for example a crop top or tank top. The pants will add the fluidity that your choreography calls for. If you want to add another layer of clothing try pairing your crop top with a vest or flannel tied around your waist!

Do you only wear them during dance?

The answer is no! These pants can also be warm up pants that you wear to and from dance class when the weather becomes colder. During the long competition weekends, slide on a pair of your favorite printed harem pants during intermissions or awards! You can also wear them when you are running errands with your friends on the weekend!

How should they fit?

We suggest that they are tight in the ankles and knees, but then feel loose in the hips. You don’t want them to fit like a sweat pant. They are a mix of a sweat pant and legging!  

What shoes to wear with a your Pants?

Wear any sneaker or combat boot with the harem pants. They can be tucked into your shoe of choice when performing and/or at practice! Pick a contrasting color shoe to make the them pop on stage!


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