General Class Information:

  • Meet and Greet will be  August 24th from 5-7 at Central Christian Church - See you there!
  • 1st Class will be Monday, August 31st
  • Classes will be held each Monday (even on school holidays!)
  • Classes held at Central Christian Chrurch Fellowship Hall, 1602 S. Main St Weatherford


Registration Information: NOW ACCEPTING 2015-16 Students!

  • You can register any time  ONLINE at OR by calling 1-218-829-7107. For more informations you can contact Nika Carter, 817-658-8887 or
  • It's Never Too Late to Register!
  • Weatherford Meet and Greet, Registration and uniform fittings from 5:00-7:00 pm at Central Christian Church on August 24th.
  • IF YOU MISSED REGISTRATION NIGHT, NO PROBLEM!  Come to your dancer's first class time and you can register onsite and they can dance that night too!  Download the DATA FORM from the FORMS tab, fill it out and bring your $15 registration fee, $35 for Sept tuition and your uniform $.  It's that easy!




  • $15.00 Registration Fee--one time fee for each student
  • $32 for TEENY and TINY KIX classes only
  • $35.00 per month for Class Fee (Wee Petites, Wee, Mini, and Hip Hop) 
  • $52 per month for Hip Hop/Jazz Technique Combo class
  • Discounts offered for semester and/or all year tuition paid in advance



Weatherford Class Offerings and Information 2015-16 Season:
Classes are held at Central Christian Church 1602 S. Main

Level Grade Class Day Class Time Monthly Fee Uniform
Teeny Kix 3 yr Monday 4:45-5:15 $32.00 Dizzy Daisy Nika
Tiny Kix  4 yr Monday 5:15-5:45 $32.00 Tatiana Nika
Wee Petites K-1 Monday 5:45-6:30 $35.00 Pink Parade Nika
Wee kix 2-3 Monday 3;45-4:45 $35.00  Material Girl Nika
Mini Kix 4-6 Monday 6:30-7:30 $35.00  Mirabella Nika
Hip Hop/Jazz Technique Combo Class 6-12 Monday 7:30-9:00 $52.00 Girl On Fire Nika
INT/ADV hip Hop Class 6-12 Monday 7:30-8:30 $35.00 Girl on Fire Nika

PLease NOTE that Mini Kix and JR/SR can take the HIP HOP as well as their regular classes. Check the times!

Also,  6-12 can CHOOSE to take the Combo Class OR just the Hip Hop class.  Please select the one that works best for YOU!

CHECK OUT ALEDO classes too!  Beg/INT Hip Hop offered from 6:30-7:30 AND JAZZ TECHNIQUE class offered for 6th thru 12th grade offered from 7:30-8:30.




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