2014-15 season

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Classes begin September 8 and 11

General Class Information

  • Class held at North Elementary School in the Gym
  • Class dates are Monday or Thursday 
  • For questions contact Dorian at 320-237-3622 or


Fees (2014-15)

  • $14.00 non-refundable registration fee
  • $29.00 per month preschool age
  • $32.00 per month K-12th grade


  • Online registration opens April 11th 


  • To see the Registration packet for current dancers click here

Class Offerings and Information 2014-2015

Facility Style Class Name Fee Grade Day Time Uniform Instructors
North Elem Kick Tiny Kix 29 3-5yrs Mon 4:30-5:00p Rumba TBA
North Elem Kick Tiny Kix 29 3-5yrs Mon 6:00-6:30p Darling TBA
North Elem Kick Pre-Petites 32 4yrs-K Thurs 5:00-5:45p Bolero Charm JoLynn
North Elem Kick Wee Petites 32 K-1 Mon 5:30-6:15p Call Me Maybe Dorian 
North Elem Kick Wee Kix 32 2-3 Mon 4:30-5:30p Let me Shine Dorian
North Elem Kick Wee Kix 32 1-3 Thurs 5:45-6:45p Glitz JoLynn
North Elem Kick Mini Kix 32 4-5 Mon 5:00-6:00p Jump for your love TBA
North Elem Kick Mini Kix 32 4-6 Mon 6:15-7:15p Jammin Out Dorian
North Elem Kick Middle Kix 32 6-8 Mon 7:30-8:30p Get It TBA
North Elem Kick Junior Kix  32 8-9 Mon 7:15-8:15p Give A Little Dorian
North Elem Kick Senior Kix 32 10-12 Mon 8:15-9:15p Allure Dorian
North Elem Jazz Mini Jazz 32 4-7 Thur 6:45-7:45p Addicted to Love JoLynn
North Elem Jazz Junior Jazz 32 8-12 Thur 8:45-9:45p Black Mock Neck JoLynn
North Elem Hip Hop Wee/Mini Hip Hop 32 2-5 Mon 6:30-7:30p Pop Art and Lace TBA
North Elem Hip Hop Junior Hip Hop 32 6-12 Thur 7:45-8:45p Reflections Silver  JoLynn


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