**Class Information for the 2015/2016 year**


General Class Information:

  • Classes are held regularily two nights a week: Mondays & Thursdays. 
  • Classes are held at the St. Mary's School gym in Bird Island on Mondays & some Thursdays. For any JFK event at St. Mary's, we are to use the BACK parking lot on the West side of the school and enter throuhg Door #3 ONLY. Door #1 at the front the building will NOT be unlocked.
  • Classes are held at the Danube school gym on all Thursdays. Please park on 1st street and enter through the "Bob Brueger Auditorium" glass doors.
  • Classes will begin September 10th & 14th, 2015.
  • There are 32 dance classes in our season. 8 months worth of class tuition is paid: Sept-April, 
  • Shorter, special session class offerings will include Teeny Kix, Lights, Wee Hip Hop and both Father/Dancer & Mother/Dancer classes. Each class is just a few weeks long.


Registration Information: 

  • The Just For Kix home office will also accepts phone registrations at  218-829-7107.
  • Please note that because registration is all done online, I'm happy to help with measuring for you to order your uniforms (also done in your student's account online.) 


Tuition Information for the 2015/2016 dance year:

  • $15.00 once annual Non-Refundable Registration Fee
  • $31.00 per month for 30-minute classes
  • $34.00 per month for 45-min and 60-minute classes
  • $51.00 per month for 90-minute combo classes
  • Sibling discount: the first family member has an annual registration fee of $15, subsequent members are a $9.00 registration fee (this replaces the old monthly sibling discount)
  • $1 per month off if you pay more than one month at a time (half-year or full-year)
  • $5 per month late fee assessed if your monthly payment is not received by the 10th of the month


Class Offerings & Information:



St. Mary’s School, Bird Island


Danube School


Sept-Dec @ St. Mary’s / Jan-Apr @ Danube


Teeny Kix Special Sessions

(age 2 ½ & 3)


Wee Petites: Thursdays

(Pre, K & 1st)


**Mini Hip Hop

(3rd – 5th)


Father/Dancer Special Session (all ages)

**Wee Hip Hop Special Session (K – 3rd)

Mother/Dancer Special Session (all ages)


Wee Kix

(2nd & 3rd)


**Mini Jazz/Lyrical Combo

(4th – 6th)


Wee Petites: Mondays

(Pre, K & 1st)


Lights Special Session

(2nd & up)


**Mini Kix

(4th – 6th)


**Firecrackers (Wee Kix/Jazz Combo)

(2nd & 3rd)


**Middle Kix/Jazz/Lyrical Combo

(6th – 9th)


All regular classes begin Sept 10th & Sept 14th, 2015

**Indicates Competition-level classes.

All classes meet once a week.

GREY indicates Special Session classes, which have shortened start & end dates.

All full-year classes run September 2015 through the first week of May 2016.


**Middle Hip Hop

(6th – 9th)


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