Classes Offered for 2013-2014


Tuesday Classes - Core Classes     Starting Tuesday 10/1/13 and running through Late April/Early May

Tiny Kix: ages 3yrs - 5 yrs                    4:30-5:00                    American Reformed Church, Luverne

Wee Kix: Kindergaten - 3rd                  5:00-6:00                    American Reformed Church, Luverne

Mini Kix: 4th - 7th                                  6:00-7:00                    American Reformed Church, Luverne


Monday Classes - Special Sessions     

FALL/WINTER Special Sessions          Dates: Mondays/Thursdays in January 1/2, 1/6, 1/9, 1/13, 1/16

Jazz     5:00-6:00 @ American Reformed Church                    Lights 6:00-7:00 @ American Reformed Church

SPRING Special Session               Dates TBA

Hip Hop 1:  1st - 4th

Hip Hop 2:  5th - Senior High

It is never too late to sign up your dancer!

Contact Andrea Schneier for more details:




Luverne Winter Show                          Friday 12/20/13

Mary Jane Brown Home                      TBD

Luverne VS. Edgerton Basketball Game          TBD

Luverne Spring Show                          Friday 5/2/14

(Possible) Worthington/Brandon Winter and/or Spring Show         TBD

Just For Kix Competitons                     Dates to come out through email

Luverne Relay For Life                         June 2014






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