General Class Information:

  • They are held at the McLeod County Fairgrounds
  • Classes Start: Monday, September 8th, and Tuesday September 9th!

Registration Information:

  • Can be done online at 
  • New students can create a band new account there, existing students if you are in need of your log in information please call teh home office at 218-829-7107


  • $14.00 Registration Fee
  • $27.00 per month preschool age
  • $30.00 per month K-12th grade (45-60 min classes)

Class Offerings and Information 2014-15 Season:

Level Grade Class Day Class Time Monthly Fee Uniform Instructor  
Tiny Kix Pre Monday 5:30-6:00 $27.00 Rumba Karen  
Wee Petites K-1st Monday 6:00-6:45 $30.00 Bolero Charm Karen  
Wee Kix 2-3rd Tuesday 5:15-6:15 $30.00 Musicology Stacee  
Mini Kix 4-5th Monday 4:30-5:30 $30.00 Roar Karen  
Middle Kix 6-7th Monday 6:45-7:45 $30.00 Get It Karen  
Junior Kix 8-12th Monday 7:45-8:45 $30.00 Talk To Me TBA  
Mini Jazz 3-6th Tuesday 6:15-7:15 $30.00 Cell Block Tango Stacee  
Middle Tap 4-11th Tuesday 7:15-8:00 $30.00 Midnight Rising Stacee  
Special Sessions:             Dates
Mini Hip Hop - CoEd 3-6th Monday 5:30-6:30 $52.50/session Red Peplum Samantha 10/27-12/8
Teeny Kix 3-4yrs Monday 6:30-7:00 $40.50/session Darling Karen 11/10-12/12
Light Routine 4-12th Tuesday 7:30-8:15 $33.75/session No Uniform Karen 11/4-12/8


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