Classes have begun but its not too late to register!  

You can still join Just For Kix Dance!

 To register contact Jennifer Anderson - Director at 605-553-0028 or


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General Class Information:

Classes are held at - Westminster Presbyterian Church, 3801 E 26th St. Sioux Falls

*Minimum of 8 per class*

Registration Information:

You can register any time by contacting Jennifer Anderson, 605-553-0028 or

It's Never Too Late to Register!


How to register your dancer for classes:

Step 1:    Read through Registration Letter

Step 2:    Locate your class by following this link - New 2013-2014 Schedule

Step 3:     Locate your uniform by following this link -  Uniforms  

Step 4:    Fill out Personal Data/Registration Form 

 Step 5:    Mail Registration Form, Payment Stub, along with $14 Registration Fee
*$14 Registration Fee is the only mandatory payment at this time.

                      *Class fees and Uniform fees can also be mailed in at this time.
                      *Lessen your class payments & SAVE MONEY by paying for the 1/2 year or full year.
                      *Uniform measurements will be taken this fall


Mail to:

Just for Kix

Jennifer Anderson

3901 S Cathy St. apt. #101

Sioux Falls, SD 57106



2013-2014 Registration Packets

Registration Letter

Personal Data/Registration Form
New 2013-2014 Schedule



Class Offerings and Information Summer 2014:

Monday July 21st come try Just For Kix Dance for FREE!

During the free class your dancer will get a look into what Just For Kix offers, which is a fun, stress free learning enviroment.  We will be focusing on stretching, technique, and also leaern a short dance.


5-545 1st-3rd

545-6:15 3yr-5yr

6:15-7 4th and up

Saturday August 9th join us for Circus Camp! Come dressed as your favorite circus animal or performer.

Come join us for the afternoon of playing games, working on a craft, and of course DANCING!

To register please contact Dircter Jennifer Anderson at 605-553-0028 or


10am-12pm 3-5 yr old

1-3pm 1st-3rd 

Fee: $20 per dancer

Class Offerings and Information 2014-15 Season:

Class Name Fee Grade Weekday Time Uniform Start Date End Date
Wee Kick/Hip Hop 49.50 2-3 Monday 5:00-6:30p Material Girl 9/9/14 4/27/15
Mini Kick/Hip Hop 49.50 4-7 Monday 6:30-8:00p VaVa Voom 9/9/14 4/27/15
Junior Kick/Hip Hop 49.50 7-12 Monday 8:00-9:30p Let it Fall 9/9/14 4/27/15
Wee Petite Kick 33.00 5yr-1st Tuesday 5:00-5:45p Picture Perfect 9/10/14 4/28/15
Tiny 30.00 3yr-4yr Tuesday 5:45-6:15p Dance Princess 9/10/14 4/28/15


Class Offerings and Information 2013-14 Season:


Class Name Fee Grade Weekday Time Uniform Start Date End Date
Wee Petite $33 K-1st Monday 5:00-5:45 Picture Perfect 9/9/13 4/28/14
Tiny $30 3-4yr Monday 5:45-6:15 Jelly Bean Pink 9/9/13 4/28/14
Mini Hip Hop/Pom $30 4-12th Monday 6:15-6:45 Sequin Heart T 9/9/13 4/28/14
Wee Kix $33 2-3rd Tuesday 5:00-6:00 Material Girl 9/9/13 4/28/14
Wee Hip Hop (NEW!) $30 2-3rd Tuesday 6:00-6:30 JFK Blue Shirt 1/7/14 4/28/14



  • $14.00 Registration Fee
  • $30.00 per month 30 minute classes
  • $33.00 per month 45-60 minute classes
  • $49.50 per month 90 minute classes


You can pay online! Follow this link-



 - If you pay for 1/2 or the full year you will receive a discount of $1 off each month! 


Half year for 90min long classes: $49.50 x 4 months = $198

 - Discount: $198 - $4 = $194

Full year for 90min long classes: $49.50 x 8 months = $396

 - Discount: $396 - $8 = $388

Half year for 45min-60min long classes:$33 x 4 months = $132

 - Discount: $132 - $4 = $128

Full year for 45min-60min long classes: $33 x 8 months = $264

 - Discount: $264 - $8 = $256

Half year for 30min long class: $30 x 4 months = $120

 - Discount: $120 - $4 = $116

Full year for 30min long classes: $30 x 8months = $240

 - Discount: $240 - $8 = $232

If you choose to pay tuition monthly it is due on the 1st of each month.

*$5 Late Fee* if monthly tuition is not turned in by the 1st.


Sibling discount!

 2 Siblings:          

- $1.00 off per dancer per month                  

3 Siblings:

- $2.00 off per dancer per month                    


At Just For Kix, Kids Shine! !

Any skill level is welcomed at Just For Kix as their are no tryouts and dancers can join at anytime. Every dancer with Just For Kix will be given the opportunity to excel with the new skills and techniques they learn at class. Our dance instructors are very well trained and are supported with fun, new and INNOVATIVE all-American choreography. When you put all that together along with the many performance opportunities offered throughout the year it shows Just For Kix is undoubtedly the place for your dancer. 

By enrolling your child in Just for Kix dance classes you will be exposing them to quality dance instruction in a nurturing and productive environment. Each of our communities offer various dance styles including; high kick, jazz, ballet, tap, hip hop and lyrical. Group lessons provide young dancers with the ability to learn and perfect new technique while they create everlasting friendships with likeminded peers. 

Individuals who take part in team dance activities will develop remarkable socialization skills; achieve a heightened sense of self-esteem, and learn key components in maintaining a healthy and physically fit lifestyle. These life lessons, among others, will benefit your child well into adulthood.



 Our philosophy has always been to treat each dancer as we would want our own children to be treated. We want our classes to be a place where dancers feel valued and cherished. Our goal is to instill confidence and self-esteem, while helping them stay active



 Parents are amazed by how detail oriented Just For Kix is. Basic placement and technique are a major focus. We work on creating good habits in the younger dancers. Creator, Cindy’s philosophy is TAKE CARE OF THE LITTLE THINGS and BIG THINGS WILL HAPPEN. (Possibly why the high school team she coaches has won 8 state championships as well as a National Championship.) Instruction is VERY hands on and focused.
FLEXIBILITY and STRENGTH is focused on too! They are 2 key factors in becoming a great dancer; challenging dancers to advance and progress to their top potential. 



Our choreography is what built our business. It is creative and innovative. Choreography teaches kick technique as well as basic dance technique in a team environment that is very visual to our audiences. Our classes are fast paced and fun. We have great music and great instructors. 



* Dancers will perform multiple times per season at large-scale events.

* Our older classes compete in a “low pressure” environment. (4th grade through 12th grade)

* Our dancers wear one costume for each class for the year. Our costumes are tastefully and focus on age appropriate styles.

* Just For Kix prides itself on being organized. We get it done! Class time is maximized so every minute is utilized. Our goal is to have each and every class start on time and end on time. 












































































































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