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Director: Kalli Bruhn

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Class Location:
St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, Dilworth
(across the street from the school)
Payments can be made online at:
or by mailing to: 
Just For Kix
PO Box 724
Brainerd, MN 56401
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Frequently Asked Questions


Classes already started, but my daughter still wants to join. Can we still sign up?
YES! It is never too late to join us at Just For Kix. If it's still September, it will be very easy to get going. Just come to class on Thursday night and we'll get your dancers caught up with the routine and you caught up with registration. Mid-January is also a great time to start as we begin new routines after our winter show. You can also chat with me before coming to your first class, using the contact information above.


How do I sign my child up for dance class?
You can do this two ways. You can print and fill out a personal data form and mail that to the mailing address above with your $14 registration fee. Class options and costume information can also be found online. OR you can attend one of our registration nights or class nights (Thursdays) and sign up in person.


Do you have to take kick to be in a jazz class?
Yes, you do. We cover many core dance skills in kick classes. That is why they are a prerequisite for jazz classes. Dancers would struggle in jazz without being in kick as well.


I don't know which preschool class to put my child in. Tiny Kix or Pre Petites?
Tiny Kix is meant for beginner dancers, ages 3-4 years old. Pre Petites is meant for dancers who may have some dance or listening skill experience already, ages 4-5 years old.
That being said, I know that some families would prefer to chose based on the times the classes are offered. Because of that, I will allow 3-5 year olds of any experience level in either preschool class.


What should dancers wear to class? What if she doesn't have dance shoes yet?
My only requirment is that dancers wear appropriate, work-out type clothing. They just need to be comfortable and able ot move around. Many of the pre-1st grade dancers will wear leotards and tutus to class, because they love to wear them, but that is not a requirement. I want dancers to wear their dance shoes at class. If their shoes have not yet arrived, they can wear clean tennis shoes or socks.

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