What group am I:
Wee Petites - K-1st grades    3:15-4:00
Wee Kix  - 2nd-3rd grades      4:05-5:05
Tiny Kix  -  Preschool                5:10-5:40
Mini Kix  -  4th-5th grades        5:45-6:45
Middle Kix  -  6th-8th grades   6:50-7:50
Sr. Kix  - 9th-12th grades         7:55-8:55

Classes are on Monday nights.

Registration fee is $14.00 (non-refundable)
Class fee per month:  $29.00 Preschool, $32.00 K-12th grades
$1 discount for multiple dancers and another $1 discount when paying 1/2 year.
Plus uniform costs


Special Sessions are on Tuesday/Thursday nights

Registration is $14 (waived if already registered)

Teeny Kix 5:30-6:00pm  - 2-5 yr olds

Class fee for 6x -$43.50
*plus cost of uniform


Hip Hop/Jazz 6:00-6:45pm K-5th grade

Class fee 6x  $48.00

*plus cost of T-shirt


Special Session Dates:

Tuesday March 31st

Thursday April 2nd

Thursday April 9th

Thursday April 16th

Tuesday April 21st

Tuesday April 28th


Spring Show is Sat. May 2nd at 7pm at Decorah High School






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