Registration 2015-16 Information 

How to register:

Online Registration 
Link to Registration Packet! You can see color pictures of the uniforms too.
How To Register
2.  Click on “Sign Up” in the Upper right hand corner.
3.  Click “Sign up now”
4.  Create an account - Steps 1-3
This will be your family account.  You should enter the parents/guardian information here.  There will be a place to register individual students later.
5.  Do a search on your Zip Code.
Only classes that apply to your child(ren) will show up in the listing.  You can further filter the search by day/time or you can search by the course number listed by the class in the registration packet. 

6.  Add classes and uniform piece that you would like to register for and order.  You can check out all at once at the end of the process.  Registration and first month payment due at time of registration. 


General Class Information:

  • Classes are held in the Cambridge Primary School and Intermediate School (They are connected)
  • Classes are held on Thursday evenings 
  • Classes run September-April
  • Fall classes begin September 10th, 2015 


Fees (2015-16):

  • $15.00 Registration Fee
  • $30.00 per month preschool age
  • $33.00 per month K-12th grade
  • $33.00 per month Jazz class *must be enrolled in a kick class to do jazz 
  • $33.00 per month Hip Hop 



Class Offerings and Information 2015-16 Season

Class Grade Day Time Monthly Fee Uniform Instructor
Tiny Kix 3-5 yrs Thursday 4:45-5:15


Rumba Dorian
Wee Petites K-1 Thursday 6:15-7:00 $33 Pink Parade (new) Dorian
Wee Kix 2-3 Thursday 5:15-6:15 $33 Park Avenue (new) Dorian
Wee Kix 2 1-3 Thursday 4:45-5:45 $33 It's A Party (new)  
Mini Kix 4-6 Thursday 7:00-9:00 $33 Ive got spirit Dorian
Middle Kix 5-7 Thursday 7:45-8:45 $33 Still Got It (new)  
Junior Kix 8-12 Thursday 8:00-9:00 $33 Splash Dorian 
Jazz** 6-12 Thursday 6:45-7:45 $32 Breathe Me (new)  
Hip Hop 3-6 Thursday 5:45-6:45 $32 Sequin T  

**Must be enrolled in Kick to do Jazz

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