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Posted: November 29 2016

Wednesday, November 30
due to weather

Posted: November 29 2016

Tuesday, November 29
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December 3 performance at Mandan HS
Posted: November 28 2016

Mandan Kachinas Dance Invitational Competition
Mandan High School
905 8th Ave NW, Mandan, ND
Saturday, December 3

Admission: $6 (dancers do not pay)
10:00 am doors open
11:00 am event begins (40+ performances total)
They announce the performing schedule one week prior.

Parking is tricky - try the lot west of the school or behind the community center.
Enter through the NE doors near the gym.
Meeting place TBA – probably the girls’ locker room
JFK will face the opposite bleachers as the competing teams. Ask at the door where to sit.

Classes performing
Wee Petites II (Mon 6:30 class) arrive in uniform by 11:00 am, perform around 11:45 am
Wee Petites I (Mon 5:45 class) arrive in uniform by 12:15 pm, perform around 1:00 pm
Wee Kix II (Wed 5:00 class) arrive in uniform by 1:00 pm, perform around 1:45 pm
Wee Kix I (Tue 5:00 class) arrive in uniform by 1:45 pm, perform around 2:30 pm
Mini Hip Hop (Tue 6:00 class) arrive in uniform by 2:30 pm, perform around 3:15 pm
Middle Hip Hop (Tue 7:00 class) arrive in uniform by 3:00 pm, perform around 3:45 pm

These are approximate performance times. It is very difficult to predict exactly when each group will perform. These events can run way ahead or way behind schedule, depending on how long each routine is, how much judging time they allow between dances, and how many teams back out at the last minute. The later in the day, the more the schedule can vary. There may be very little time for each group to stretch and rehearse, or there may be a lot of down time waiting for our turn. It’s best to approach these events with a go-with-the-flow attitude and just enjoy the performances. Extended family should plan to arrive well in advance, so as not to miss our performance.

This is a really neat event, showcasing dance performances from many local schools and dance programs. There are over 40 performances on the schedule! I encourage JFK dancers to come early and/or stay after their performance to watch other groups. This is a fund-raiser for the Mandan Kachinas dance team. We appreciate the opportunity to be part of it.

Posted: November 28 2016

November 28
due to weather

January 8 JFK Bismarck North Winter Show
Posted: December 03 2015

2:00PM, 3:30PM, 5:00PM
Each show should last about 45 minutes

Show newsletter, including performance order, coming in December

Preschool-5th grade Kix classes perform at one show – arrive in uniform 45 minutes before show time

Grades 6-12 Kix classes, and Mini Jazz class, perform at two shows – arrive in uniform one hour before show time

Dancers will gather in the side gym before the show to stretch and rehearse.

We will have a full crowd, but there will be enough seats for everyone. Our routines are choreographed
to be viewed from above, so every seat in the gym is a good one. We ask that the first row of the
bleachers be reserved for the elderly and those who are unable to climb the steps.

During the Show
Once the show has begun, please refrain from moving while a team is performing. If you must leave
your seat, please do so between numbers. Applause is appreciated! When you see something
you like while the team is performing, let them know. A dance performance is an interactive

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