General Class Information:

  • They are held at Our Saviors Lutheran Church
  • Classes are held on Mondays starting September - April
  • **Dancers recieve 32 classes a season for the monthly rate
  •    ~ Make up classes will be scheduled accordingly to when we can get a space and time to make up classes 
  •       -emails will be sent during this cases of rescheduling and cancellations 
  •    ~Reasons for make up classes included: 
  •         -instructor is sick 
  •         -Snow day (winter weather situations) If school is cancelled due to weather related issues we WILL NOT hold class.
  •         -Church service being held
  •         -Other situations could occur


Registration Information:

  • You can register any time by contacting Danielle Knodle, or 701-212-2373
  • It's Never Too Late to Register!


  • $14.00 Registration Fee (one time yearly fee) 
  • $27.00 per month 30 min classes
  • $30.00 per month 45-60 min classes

Class Offerings and Information 2013-14 Season:

Level Grade Class Day Class Time Monthly Fee Uniform Instructor
Core Kix            
Wee Petite K-1st Grade Monday 345-430p $30.00 Call me Maybe Danielle
Wee Kix 2nd-3rd Grade Monday 430-530p $30.00 Chilie Danielle
Teeny kix 3 year olds Monday 530-600p $27.00 Azalea with flower skirt  Danielle
Tiny Kix 4-5 year olds (not yet in kindergarten) Monday 600-630p 27.00 Ribbons and Bows Danielle
Mini Kix 4-5th Grade Monday 630-730p $30.00 Get Down Danielle
Middle Kix 6-7th Grade Monday 730-830p $30.00 State of Mind Danielle
Firecracker K-1st  Tuesday 5-530p 27.00 Picture perfect Danielle 
Wee Jazz 2-3rd Grade Tuesday 530-630p $30.00 End of time Danielle 
Mini Jazz 4-6th Grade Tuesday 630-730p $30.00 I'm Real Danielle
Middle Jazz 7th-9th Grade Tuesday 730-830p $30.00 Honey Biketard Danielle
Upper Level Classes            
Junior kix 8th-9th grade


(Every first Sunday of the month there is no class)

530-650p 30.00 Allure Danielle
Senior Kix 10th-12th Grade



(Every first Sunday of the month there is no class)

655-815p 30.00 Let it Fall Danielle


Special Session

Starts November 26th Ends January 14th         
Lyrical 2nd-12th Grade Tuesday 415-500p $45.00 Black leggings, black jazz shoes, yellow or baby blue t-shirt.  Danielle 


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