General Class Information:

Registration will be held on September 4th from 6-8 PM at the Lebanon Lodge #837.


Classes will begin September 8th.


Classes are held on Mondays at the Lebanon Lodge #837 located at 6983 Main Street in Frisco.


Registration Information:

Registration Meet and Greet will be held on September 4th from 6-8 PM at the Lebanon Lodge #837.


  • Fall registrations are being accepted now! See class offerings listed below. Contact Kristyn Bohr at or 712-363-2184 to join today and reserve your spot!


  • You Can Register anytime at
  • It's Never Too Late to Register!

Summer Special Sessions:

Registration for Specials Sessions this summer is now open! 
Technique/ Flexibility classes are available for K-12th!
Classes will be held on Monday evenings starting June 8th through June 29th!
See below for class times and pricing.



  • $14.00 Registration Fee
  • $35.00 per Month Pre (30 Minute Classes)
  • $38.00 per Month K-12 (45-60 Minute Classes)


Class Offerings and Information 2014-2015 Season:

LevelD Grade Class Day Class Time Monthly Fee Uniform Instructor
Tiny Kix 3-4 yrs Monday 5:45-6:15 $35.00 Rumba Kristyn Bohr
Wee Petites K-1st Monday 6:15-7:00 $38.00 Polka Dot Puff Kristyn Bohr
Mini Kix 2-5th Monday 7:00-8:00 $38.00 End of Time Kristyn Bohr
Middle Kix 6-12th Monday 8:00-9:00 $38.00 The Promise Kristyn Bohr


Special Sessions
Wee Petite
K-1st Monday 5:00-5:30 $35.00 N/A Kristyn Bohr
Mini Kix 
2-5th Monday 5:30-6:15 $38.00 N/A Kristyn Bohr
Middle Kix
6-12th Monday 6:15-7:00 $38.00 N/A Kristyn Bohr



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