General Class Information for 2014-2015 season:

  • Classes are held at the 1st Baptist Church (1255 W. Jackson Street. Belvidere)
  • Classes Start September 8th(Monday) and continue every Monday unless rescheduled due to holidays or weather.
  • A Full season is 8 months long.
  • Classes should approx. end May 1st, but could be extended due to weather cancelations.
  • If rescheduled, classes will be added on to the end of the season or another day the current week.


DANCE ATTIRE: We would like the dancers to wear leotards, jazz pants, bootyshorts ( danceshorts), tights, sports bras, etc. Tight fitting clothing is preferred so the instructor can see lines and technique. Also, we would like dancers to wear dance shoes at all times while taking classes ( this is a safetly precaution )!!!!  Street shoes are not allowed in class.


****HELPFUL HINT****  Buy a duffle bag, garment bag or a container that is for DANCE PERFORMANCES ONLY and another one for DANCE PRACTICE ONLY. Kepp all supplies  in appropriate bags. ALWAYS put supplies back in it when you are done using them. LABEL ALL PIECES OF CLOTHING WITH YOUR DANCER'S NAME.....ESPECIALLY SHOES!


MESSES, THEFT AND VANDALISM: It is our hope that dancers and their sibilings respect the facility. Thank you for SUPERVISING siblings who are watching classes.


DANCER SUPERVISION: please be on time to pick up your dancer from class. If you are in the last class of the evening, instructors want to get home to their families as soon as possible. Thank you for being on time!


ATTENDANCE GOAL: Please make an effort to make it to as many practices as possible. We have had a few problems in the past with dancers missing several practices and still performing in all shows. Naturally, they do not know the routine as well as the rest of the dancers and it throws numbers off. It is also important to attend performances faithfully. You owe it to your class. In a dance team we depend on each other. Of coarse, we all have other events in our lives and we understand if you miss for a valid reason.

It is also important to arrive on time for performances, as we only have a short time to renumber our routines. If you know you are going to be absent or late for a performance please let us know ahead of time!


Registration Information:

  • You can register online for classes at  - if the class is full, the website will not let you register for the class.
  • We  have a fall registration before the season starts in August and a 1/2 season registration in December at the Belvidere Park Rivers Edge buidling.



  • $14.00 Registration Fee ( non-refundable )
  • $29 per month preschool age (30 min classes)
  • $32 per month K-12th grade (45-60 min classes)


Classes Offered and Information 2014-2015 Season:

The Just For Kix dance program is a studio style dance program that runs for 8 month stretches. The best part though is that it doesn't have the studio dance prices! You can pay monthly, in 4 month installments or in full. Classes should perform at least 2 times during the year which includes a winger and spring dance show. The older dancers starting in 4th grade (core classes) and Jazz dancers starting in 2nd grade have the opportunity to compete in one JFK competition in Rochester, Minnesota if they wish.


Why is the Core Kick class a requirement to take Jazz?- Our core classes by definition are the fundamentals. It is in the core classes that the students will learn the basics that will be required to move further in our other class offerings. Our jazz and soon to have lyrical classes are the next step. We expect the dancers taking these classes to understand the basics. We do not want these classes to be the repeat of the fundamentals but a continuation for dancers who wish to take their dancing to the next level. By making the core classes a requirement, it insures the dancers in these classes are dedicated as they have made a commitment to additional studio time. It allows the instructors to move along at a more rapid pace, knowing that what they are teaching is being reinforced in classes offered at least one hour a week. The increase in dance time, allows the dancer to further their flexibility and strength, which is necessary to master more difficult skills.


Core Kick is one of the Styles of dance offered at the Belvidere JFK program. Core Kick is an athletic dance style; we will focus on building flexibility, strength and endurance. Proper technique in a precision style will be taught, along with an emphasis on hearing rhythmic patterns, basic dance tecnique and teamwork. This class has a combination of jazz, kick and basic ballet choeography. The routines contain visual formation changes, synchronized movements and kicks.


Hip Hop is a dance style offered at the Belvidere JFK program. Hip Hop is a urban style of dance that is commonly seen on TV shows such as " American Best Dance Crew" and " So You Think You Can Dance" and in movies such as Step Up. This style of dance is very popular, especially for boys and is great for all dancers of any age and ability. Routines will contain stylized movements with a focus on musicality and skills. This class does not focus on structured technique and has more "free-flowing" style.


Jazz - jazz dance is a fun and energetic style of dance. So far, our jazz classes are held a special sessions ( see discription below ). Routines have a strong base in ballet technique with turns and leaps with stylized choreography. Routines can be fast or slow. Dancers have to to be registered in a Core class in order to take a jazz class.


Special Sessions- special sessions are classes that are held for only a few weeks and will perform at our shows. They don't require anyone to sign up for a full season or 1/2 season of dance and you pay a one time flat class fee, uniform fee and if you are not currently enrolled with JFK a registratration fee. It is a great way to introduce a dancer to a different style of dance from the current style they are currently participating in!

( The Belvidere JFK program will be adding more styles of dance soon as the program grows!)



Class Name & Style Day of Class Age Time Cost Per Month Uniform Name Avalibabilty  Instructor
WEE PETITE / CORE MONDAY K-1ST GRD 3:30-4:15 PM $32 Picture Perfect YES Shanae
TINY KIX / CORE MONDAY 3-5 YRS 3:30-4:00 PM $29 Pink Satin YES Kimberly
WEE KIX / CORE MONDAY 2-3RD GRD 4:15-5:15PM $32 Let Me Shine  YES Kimberly
WEE HIP HOP MONDAY K-3rd GRD 4:15-5:00PM $32 Love Dance YES Shanae
MINI KIX / CORE MONDAY 4-6TH GRD 5:15-6:15 PM $32 Taurus YES Kimberly and shanae
MINI HIP HOP MONDAY 4-6TH GRD 6:15-7:15 PM $32 Pop Art YES Shanae



$32 Allure YES Kimberly and Shanae



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