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Dance Talk

Our dance season never ends. Learn dance tips from the best.

How To Improve Your Tilts


5 Steps to Master the Leg Tilt/Hold

  1. Bring right leg into passé and make sure it’s turned out.
  2. Drive knee to shoulder.
  3. Drive left heel forward.
  4. Stack your hips (right hip above left hip). Shift your weight.
  5. Straighten your leg. Use right hand to hold and stretch your leg.

Things to remember: You must be flexible and strong. Practice your splits! Strengthen your left glute. Do pulsing lunges on both legs to strengthen your glutes. Or, hold your leg up and grab a wall. Hold for 8 counts and let go and keep your leg up. Repeat.

Don’t rock back and forth on your foot. Plant it firmly on the ground and keep your base leg straight. Squeeze your abs!

Good luck improving your leg holds!

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