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Say It Out LOUD


Take a second and think about the scariest movie you have ever watched....What do you remember about that movie?Would you be able to verbalize the plot to a friend?Many people would not be able to. Why? Because sharing it would make it too real. 

So let’s flip this.Think about a goal you have had for a while but haven’t yet accomplished.Are you saying it out loud? Often? WHY NOT?!The more you verbalize your goals, the more they come to the surface. The more they become real.

Incorporating your goals into your daily life may seem like a task and a half. However, it is easier than you may think! Here are some ideas to make your goals a reality by simply making them LOUD in your life. 

  1. Write them on a Post-It and stick it by your bed so you see it every morning when you wake up.
  2. Keep a journal dedicated to the success of your goals, and write down everything that happens, big or small, pertaining to those goals.
  3. Make a motivational wall in your house. Dedicate this to quotes about goal achieving and pictures that keep you motivated to achieve them.

You, and ONLY YOU have the power to make your goals happen. 

The LOUDER the goal, the more real it becomes.

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