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Dance Talk

Our dance season never ends. Learn dance tips from the best.

How To improve Your Splits Just For Kix


Flexibility is key when it comes to being a great dancer! Improve your splits with these great tips:

Make sure your hips and toes are facing the wall. Have one hand on each side of your body. Slide down. 

If you cannot hit your full splits, put your back knee down and hold. Your front leg should be straight with toes pointed. Lift back knee, breathe in and push down while you breathe down. 

Kick Splits: More turned in with knees facing the ground. 

Jazz Split: Back leg is a little turned out but keep hips turned towards wall. Think about rolling over and having both hips on the ground. 

If you already have your splits, try over splits! Use a mat or stable box. Put front foot on mat/box. Put both hands on the ground on each side of your body. Put hands behind your head and hold. This makes your body sink further into your splits.

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