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Dance Size Guide

Chest/Bust Circumference: Measure around the fullest part of the chest/bust circumference, usually about 1" below the armhole, making certain that the tape measure remains parallel around the body.


Waist Circumference: The waist measurement is taken at the true waist, not where the waistband of pants usually hits. The easiest way to find the true waist is to stand straight, and bend to the side. Once you find the waist point, straighten and measure around your body for your waist circumference keeping the tape measure parallel to the floor.


Hip Circumference: The hip measurement is taken around at the fullest part of the hip and across the buttocks, legs and feet together. Again, it is very important to keep the tape measure parallel while measuring around the body.


Torso Girth (Circumference): Torso girth is the circumference of the body torso. Place the tape measure at the highest point of the shoulder at the neck base. The measuring tape should drop down the body over the apex of the bust, down between the legs and back up over the of the body backside returning to the high point shoulder. Pull the tape measure so that there is no slack, but again not tight enough to constrict or compress the body.


Inseam Length: Inseam length is helpful when determining sizing for pants and leggings. This measurement is most accurate when the dancer is measured by another person, as the body being measured must be standing straight with the legs together, feet about 1" apart. Place the tape measure at the high point of the inner leg at the crotch and measure down to the floor keeping the tape measure straight along the inner leg. You may want to ask the young adult (or the parent of the child) being measured to hold the top part of the measuring tape when taking the inseam measurement.