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Fun Facts!

Posted by Tami Hermes
Posted on 09 May, 2015 at 1:01 pm

Working on awards for awards night at dance to close out my 7th year as Director in Hankinson and added up some numbers ..... 1. I've held 224 classes (not counting performances) 2. I've coached 317 AMAZING kids ... and counting! 3. I've been to 13 Together We Dance competitions (as Director) 4. I've been to 6 Director's Conventions 5. I've attended 8 Summer Camps 6. I've held 3 Winter Shows and 7 Spring Shows 7. I've received wayyyyyy to many hugs from students to count ..... AND THAT'S OK WITH ME!! 8. I can't wait to see what year number 8 has to offer me!!


Text Message Alerts

Posted by Tami Hermes
Posted on 24 September, 2014 at 1:45 pm

TEXT MESSAGE FOR COMMUNICATION ~ HAVE YOU SIGNED UP YET??? I will be changing the way I do text messages this year.  I will be using “Remind 101”.   It is an easy and free service.  The only thing you have to do is follow the instructions for the group or groups you are involved in, PLUS the ALL GROUPS one (two for sure, possibly three)  For example, if your child is in Tiny Kix (pre) then you would want to follow the instructions to sign up for the Tiny Kix group and the All Groups.  If your child is in two groups, then you will need to follow the instructions for three groups.  For example, if your child is in Mini Kix and Hip Hop then you will need to follow the instructions for the Mini Kix group AND the Hip Hop group along with the ALL GROUPS one.  (Standard text message rates apply)    Also, you can always get a hold of me by texting my cell at 701-899-3441   *ALL GROUPS:  To receive te Continue

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What to wear to practice

Posted by Tami Hermes
Posted on 25 August, 2014 at 12:16 pm

Appropriate dance clothes are required for class. We want to provide every child the correct feedback and when they have on loose clothing, we may miss something that is important. We are strict about this, so please make sure to have a dance bag packed with extra options just in case they forget their clothes! Hair is also very important. Every dancer's hair must be in a high bun. If they show up with their hair down or in a ponytail, they will be sent to put it up. Please have them prepared when they come to class. Bangs must also be back.   Core Kick Classes:             -Leotard or tight fitting top             - Booty shorts, jazz pants, or leggings             -Jazz shoes or ballet shoes   Hip Hop Class:             Continue

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Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Posted by Tami Hermes
Posted on 22 June, 2015 at 4:43 pm

In an effort to streamline Just For Kix and make all towns easy to find on different social media we are changing our names on Twitter and Instagram to be more a like.  Please make a note of my changes below and bookmark the new pages.  New names, same great information!   Hankinson Area Just For Kix is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ....   Become friends with us on Facebook at   Like our Facebook page at   Follow us on Twitter at  or search @hankinsonND_jfk    Follow us on Instagram at   or by searching for hankinson_nd_jfk  Continue

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Drop Off and Pick Up Rules

Posted by Tami Hermes
Posted on 11 October, 2014 at 00:08 am

Here is a reminder of our drop off and pick up rules   BEFORE AND AFTER CLASS 1.  Drop off and pick up of young dancers 3rd grade and below: We prefer parents of young children to stay in the building/waiting area.  We cannot be responsible for children between classes.  If you must drop off and pick up your child, children should be walked into class.  Parents should arrive 10 minute prior to dismissal and be on hand when class dismisses for safety purposes.  I want to make sure each child is safe.  Dancers should wait inside the facility rather than outside the facility for their safety.   The nature of our classes is for teachers to be with another class when your child arrives.  That is why we appreciate you walking them into class so you know they made it safely to class.  We like you present when class is dismissed so instructors can go onto their next class knowing your child is safely back with you. Continue

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