2014-15 Full Year Classes

It's not too late to register!!!  We take new dancers all fall.  


General Class Information:

  • Classes are held at the Fridley Middle School- 6100 W Moore Lake Drive
  • Our season runs September through Mid May ,Classes Begin the week of Labor Day (Monday classes start 9/8). 
  • Wee Jazz, Mini, Middle, Sr, and Lyrical classes all will attend at least one competition! 


Registration Information:

  • 1.  Register online! 
  • 2..  Bring forms to class  (please call ahead first). 


Please contact Emily if you have questions!!

612-418-9138 or  




  • $14.00 Registration Fee (non-refundable)
  • HALF YEAR payment $149 for 45-60 min classes and $135 for 30 min classes (due by Sept 30 and Jan 1)
  • FULL YEAR payment $297 for 45-60 min classes and $270 for 30 min classes (due by Sept 30)
  • SIBLING DISCOUNTS                              Monthly                      Half Year/Full Year
    All Children in 1st class                     -$1.00 per dancer          -$2.00 per dancer/month

Class Grade Class Day ClassTime Class Fee/Month Costume  Teacher
Tiny Kix Ages 3-5 Tuesday 6:15-6:45 $31 Rumba Emily 
Petites~ K Monday  5:30-6:15 $34

Bolero Charm 


Wee Petites~ 1st  Tuesday 6:30-7:15 $34 Polka Dot Puff Danah
Wee Kix 2-3rd Monday 6:15-7:15 $34 Material Girl Steph/Emily
Wee Jazz* 2-3rd Monday 7:15-7:45 $31 Material Girl Steph/Emily
Mini Kix 4-5th Thursday 5:45-6:45 $34 Razzle Dazzle w/ shorts Emily
Mini Jazz* 4-5th Thursday 6:45-7:30 $34 MIrabella Emily
Middle Kix 6-7th Tuesday 6:45-7:45 $34 On Fire  Emily
Middle Jazz* 6-7th Tuesday 7:45-8:45 $34 Melt My Heart Emily
Senior Kix 8-12th Thursday 7:30-8:30 $34 Mira  Emily
Senior Jazz* 8-12th Thursday 8:30-9:30 $34 Heads Will Roll Emily
Hip Hop- winter session 2nd & up Tuesday- Oct 13- Dec 2nd 5:30-6:15 $65 + shirt JFK Tank Emily




Starting in Feb/March 2015

More details to follow

Teeny Kix- 8 weeks Age 3-5 Tuesday 5-5:30 $69.75 + costume Darling  
Hip Hop- spring session 2nd & up


5:15-6 $65+ shirt JFK Tank (same as winter session)  
Lyrical- 10 weeks  4th-12th


5:30-6:45 $71.50+costume Radiant  

~ We are flexible on grades for these two classes, if one time works better for you. 

* You must take the core Kix class to take a jazz class. 

** We may add a hip hop fall session if there is enough interest!




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