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The Solo & Small Group Competition. (Only available at our summer camps.)

Dancers have the option to bring a prepared routine to camp to take center stage!  It’s a great opportunity to become a stronger performer.  Every dancer is encouraged to participate.


Interested dancers must come to camp with their routine prepared to perform to music on the first day. Solo (1) & Small Groups (2-5) dancers compete in the grade they will be going into in the next school year. (This is based on the oldest member in a small group.)

No gymnastics or suggestive choreography may be used. We also require respectable music that has appropriate lyrics.

Routine can be no longer than 90 seconds and cannot be Just For Kix class routine.  All dancers receive medals. *The finalists are announced at the final camp show and will then perform for trophies.

Dancers can compete in both Solo & Small Group categories, however there is a $12 charge; per person, per category.

*In situations where there are fewer dancers, only the winner may perform.