General Class Information 2014/2015:

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Registration Information 2014/2015:

Tami Hermes
210 2nd St NW  
Hankinson, ND  58041


Classes Offered and Information 2014/2015 Season:

 Class Name



 Class Size







 Uniform Name


 Cost *




 Tiny Kix

 Age 3 +

min. 6 max 15

 Monday  5:00-5:30  $26.00

 Dance Princess

 $41  Tami

 Wee Petites


min. 8 max 25

 Monday  4:00-4:45  $29.00

 It's A Circus 

 $78  Tami

 Wee Kix


min. 8 max 25

 Monday  5:30-6:30  $29.00

 Roar Top (w/pants)

 $81  Tami

 Mini Kix +


min. 8 max 35

 Monday  6:30-7:30  $29.00

 Razzle Dazzle

 $98  Sarah/Tami

 Hip Hop +


min. 8 max 35

 Monday  7:30-8:30  $29.00

 Shout It Out

 $60  Tami

 Junior Kix +


min. 8 max 35

 Monday  8:30-9:30  $29.00

 Chasing Dreams

 $92  Sarah/Tami

** $14 Registration Fee per new dancer (covers all classes for the year)

+ Denotes a class that may compete at Just For Kix Competition events.

* Uniform prices listed above include: leotard, pants or skirt, tights, hairpiece (if applicable) .  It does NOT include shoe fee, which will be paid for and ordered in the fall.



Uniform Lists to view or fill out 2014/2015:

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Fees 2014/2015:

  • $14.00 Registration Fee per dancer (covers all classes for the year)
  • $26.00 per month preschool age
  • $29.00 per month K-12th grade (45-60 min classes) 
  • $-1.00 per dancer per month for sibling discount
  • Full Year payments due September 30, 2014

                          $200.00 = Tiny Kix (3 years old to preschool) full year payment

                          $224.00 = All other classes full year payment

  • Half  Year payments can be paid at any time as long as it is for 4 months of classes

                          $100.00 = Tiny Kix (3 years old to preschool) half year payment

                          $112.00 = All other classes half year payment (per class)


  • $-2.00 per dancer per month = sibling discount for half year payment or full year payment
  • Pay online at
    • Have a question about logging in call: 218-829-7107 
  • Mail payments to:  PO Box 724 Brainerd, MN 56401
    • Make All Checks Payable to:  JUST FOR KIX




We would like our dancers to wear leotards, jazz pants, booty shorts, sports bras, etc. Tight fitting clothing is preferred as it makes it easier for teachers to correct the dancers lines and technique.  Also, we would like our dancers to wear dance shoes at all times while taking class (this is a safety precaution).  Street shoes are not allowed on the "studio" floor.

Hair should be up in a bun on top of the head for all practices.  Performance hair will be assigned for each group.

Have a duffel bag, garment bag, or a container that is for your DANCE PERFORMANCES ONLY and another one for PRACTICES.  Keep all supplies in appropriate bags.  ALWAYS put items right in it when you are done using them. LABEL all pieces of your costumes. This eliminates the last minute rush of lost shoes, socks, hair tie, etc.  LABEL THE INSIDE OF SHOES. We find so many and will return if names are in them.

It is our hope that our dancers and their siblings will treat the facility with respect.  Please leave the facility cleaner then you found it!!  Thanks for SUPERVISING siblings who are watching classes.

Please be on time to pick up your dancer after class.  If you are in the last class of the evening, this is even more important. Our instructors want to go home to their families at the end of the night or have other commitments. Thanks for being on time.

Please make an effort to attend as many practices as possible.  We have had a few problems in the past with dancers missing practice, but still attending the performances.  Naturally, they do not know the routine as well and it also throws the numbers off. It is also important to attend performances faithfully.  You owe it to your class.  In dance team, we depend on each other.  Of course, we all have other events in our lives and we are very understanding if you miss for a valid reason.  It is also very important that you arrive on time for performances, as we just have a short time to re-number our routines.  If you know that you will be absent or late to a performance, please let us know ahead of time.




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