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Testimonials for Just For Kix Dance Classes

Our director is a WONDERFUL motivator. She gets her point across and keeps the dancers so well coordinated in a very friendly way.
Margo,  - Medina
I love that the girls learn the fundamentals in a really fun way. This is no stuffy ballet class! Meghan does a terrific job of teaching in a way that motivates the little girls to learn. My husband says this is the best $29 we spend every month! Just for Kix has been a great outlet for our daughter. She just loves it! 
Mari,  - Medina
JFK is MUCH more organized.  I like that the JFK instructors know who my child is and that she belongs with me.  I would definitely recommend JFK to friends.
Sara – Blaine/Coon Rapids,  - MN
Happy doesn't explain it well enough.  All the parents seem to agree that she is awesome!!  Cailynn just loves dance classes the past 2 years and can't wait to get there.  Kelsey seems to have a certain connection with the kids and they adore her!!  Hope she sticks around for a long time - Sauk Centre needs the JFK program here!
Donna,  - Sauk Centre
Jenn shares her high energy with all of her dancers, even after a full and stressful day- and never seems overwhelmed or stressed.  She seems to be a highly organized person and her practices are on time, and the dancers are let out on time.   I can't say enough about Jenn's professionalism and energy!  
Heidi,  –Bismarck South
This is our first experience with Just For Kix - and I can promise that we will be back next year, and enrolling our younger daughter that just turned 3. We were with a previous dance studio last year - and I never felt right about it. It seemed more rigid, more focused on winning something - instead of teaching the kids to move as 4-5 year olds and love dance. When I first talked to Jenn at the beginning of the year, she promised me that Just For Kix had a whole different philosophy than our previous experience, and it's true. We think Jenn and Kelly are great and I am so grateful we found her!  
Lisa - Heidi,  – Bismarck South
LOVE Meghan. More importantly, my daughter adores her. She is fabulous with the girls. I cannot believe how much my 3 year old has learned in such a short amount of time. Definitely surpassed all of our expectations.  
Mari,  - Medina
The mission of Just for Kix.  Dancing without the drama & dollars of a competition driven dance studio. 
Michelle,  - Medina
The other dance program was very competitive and didn't make you or your dancer feel like we were good enough to be part of their program. JFK is easier on the competitive side of things and a little more accepting of all levels of dancers. 
Laurie,  - Medina
What they like about JFK: Positive, modest, team oriented.  Candace has made the experience an exceptional one!  You could not find a better instructor.  Talented and a superb role model for the girls, always uplifting, ecouraging, personable.  We love her!
Susan,  – Bemidji
Trina is great!  She is always so friendly and genuine.  I think she really cares about the girls.  She is very friendly with the girls and my daughter thinks highly of her.  She is a good role model for girls this age and she encourages them to do their best.  She has helped my daughter with her skills and has made a big difference in her technique and her love for the sport.
Sue – Blaine/Coon Rapids,  -MN
The costumes are always the best!  I love the dances and the shows and the competitions are all very organized with a lot of energy.
Sue – Blaine/Coon Rapids,  MN
My daughter truly enjoys dance class.  Kelsey is a great teacher and really makes Abbi feel great.  Abbi's self confidence has improved so much.  It is so fun watching her grow in her dancing abilities.
Ashlee,   New London-Spicer
I love how hard the instructors make the girls work.  There is no sluffing off when they are at practice.  My daughter has been in another dance studio for the past 7 years, I love how JFK has more than 1 performance unlike her other dance studio.
Heather,  New London-Spicer
Our Director keeps us very informed about any changes or upcoming events. Kelsey plans ahead and posts everything at practice, in newsletters, and also in friendly emails.
Tracy,   New London-Spicer