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What an exciting year you have ahead of you. Take a moment to think about how you
would like to be remembered after the year is over.  Start now working on doing your
JOB the best you can and you will quickly earn the  RESPECT you deserve.  
Leadership: The ability to establish a creative climate where people are self-motivated
toward the successful achievement of long term constructive goals.
The leadership of the team either makes or breaks your year.  Listed below are some
helpful hints for captains:
•  Be supportive of your coaches.  They are in charge.  Always show respect for them
so the team will follow in your steps.
•  Be a shining role model.  Follow the rules.
•  Be positive.
•  Be dedicated to your sport.  
•  Respect others and yourself.
•  Be honest.
•  Act as a liaison between coach and team.
•  Treat everyone equally, regardless of ability.  Be impartial.
•  Be chemically free and support non-use.
•  Be dependable and loyal.
•  Be consistent.
•  Be organized.
•  Be trustworthy.  Keep secrets secret!
•  Be able to devote the necessary time to your sport.
•  Take the initiative to help.
•  Leave your personal problems out of practice.  Your mood effects everyone.
•  Be aware of the chain of command, facts, schedules and procedures at your school.
•  Remember what it was like to be a "rookie."
•  Work out problems with your coach or the other athletes when they arise.
•  Remember that exceptions will come back to haunt you.
•  If someone is causing problems, enlist their help.  You'll be amazed at the difference
when they're on your side.
•  Set the example.  Motivate others through dedication and drive.
•  Be thoughtful and considerate of other people’s feelings. 
•  Allow people to make mistakes.
•  Arrive to practice early and be committed to performing your best.  
•  Encourage others to do their best.  
• Thinking of yourself and your friends when making decisions.  (Act like a
politician...for all the people.) 
• Treating individual team members, individually different.
• Wasting time or procrastinating.
• Gossiping.
• Taking the glory for someone else's work.
• Making your coach ask you to do things. They do enough already.
• Being POWER MAD.  Lead, don't rule.
• Power struggles between tri or co-captains.  United you stand, divided you fall.
* Captains need a clear description of where their job begins and ends. They need to
remember the coach is in charge.  It is important for coaches and captains to talk and
plan often.  Many teams arrange a "prep" half hour every week to do just that.  Many
problems can be eliminated through proper communication.