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 Leadership is an invisible strand as mysterious as it is powerful.  It pulls and it
bonds.  It is a catalyst that creates order...out of disorder.  Yet it defies
definition.  No combination of talents can guarantee it.  No process or training
can create it where the spark does not exist.  The qualities of leadership are
universal; they are found in the humble and the proud, the common man and the
brilliant thinker; they are qualities that suggest paradox rather than pattern.  But
wherever they are found, leadership makes things happen.  The most precious
and intangible quality of leadership is trust---the confidence that one who leads
will act in the best interest of those who follow---the assurance that he or she
will serve the group rather than sacrificing the rights of the individual.
Leadership's imperative is a "sense of rightness"---knowing when to advance
and when to pause, when to criticize and when to praise, how to encourage
others to excel.  From the leader's reserves of energy and optimism, his/her
followers draw strength.  In his/her determination and self-confidence, they find
inspiration.  In it's highest sense, leadership is integrity. This command by
conscience asserts itself more by commitment and example than by directive. 
Integrity recognizes external obligations, but it needs the quiet voice within,
rather than the clamor without." ----From an International Business Machines
Publication MANNERLY LEADERSHIP There are rules of courteous behavior to
be learned, fixed methods of procedure tested by long experience and handed
down by tradition to make life more pleasant.  Manners improve with practice. 
Don't be polite today, impatient and uncivil tomorrow, morose and sulky at
home, affable at the office, obliging to your friends and unfriendly to strangers. 
can't have two sets of manners, two social codes---one for those you admire
and want to impress, another for those you consider important.  YOU MUST BE
Lord may my words be as sweet as honey, for tomorrow I may have to eat them. 
My opinion may have changed...but not the fact that I am right.  HONESTY IS
THE BEST POLICY I can only please one person per day. Today is NOT your
day. Tomorrow is not looking good either. Learn to OBEY before you command. 
In the wrong hands, an orchestra baton is just a stick.  Whatever your work,
dignify it with your best thought and effort. To reach the port of success we
must sail, sometimes with the wind and sometimes against it------but we must
SAIL, not drift or lie at anchor.   Oliver Wendell Homes The really great person is
the person who makes every person feel great.  The best test of whether
someone is a qualified leader is to find out whether anyone is following her. A
major key to success in this life is to be completely released and throw all there
is of yourself into your job or any project in which you are engaged. In other
words, whatever you are doing, give it all you've got.  Give every bit of yourself
hold nothing back.  Life cannot deny itself to people who give life their all.  But
most people, unfortunately, don't do that.  In fact, very few people do, and this
is the tragic cause of failure, or if not failure, it is the season we only half attain.
Norman Vincent Peale